Jul 13 2008

Check the Activation Status of your Vista Install

When you first install Vista you are given 30 days to evaluate it without entering your Product code. If you’ve not entered your code yet here’s a way to find out how much time you have left on your evaluation. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Jul 5 2008

Increase the Size of your Blinking Cursor in Vista

In text fields the blinking cursor indicates where to start typing, but by default the cursor is so small sometimes its hard to find. Wouldn’t be nice to make it easier to spot well here’s how. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

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Jun 28 2008

Create a Desktop Shortcut to Eject your CD/DVD Disk

Wouldn’t it be nice to click an icon on your desktop to open you CD/DVD tray instead or reaching all the way to the eject button on your computer. Well here’s a way to do just that. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Jun 21 2008

Prevent Vista From Accidentally Creating Duplicates when Copying Files

Have you ever been selecting a group of files to copy in Windows Explorer by holding down the Ctrl key then all of a sudden you find a bunch of duplicate files sitting in your folder. What happened you ask. Well this happens because you moved your mouse when you clicked on a file and […]

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Jun 14 2008

Assign a Drive Letter to your USB Device

With all the USB hard drives and Thumb drives now on the market I’m sure you have a few that you are connecting to your computer, and each time you connect them they may get a different drive letter depending on the order in which you connect them. Now if you are using any Automated […]

May 6 2008

Get the MyNetflix Plugin for Vista Media Center

If you have your Windows Media Center hooked up to your TV and have a Netflix account, then this free program is for you. The MyNetflix Plugin by Anthony Park integrates seamlessly with Media Center and allows you to use your Netflix subscription with a remote control. Please visit our new site at The3List Why […]

Jan 30 2008

Remove Those Shortcut Arrows with the Vista Shortcut Manager

Here’s a great free tool for removing those darn arrows that Vista adds to all your shortcut desktop icons. The Vista Shortcut Manager From their web page:Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover, aka FxVisor, allows you to either way to remove the shortcut overlay arrow or to even customize it in Windows Vista, so we have […]


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