Sep 27 2008

Get a List of all Installed Programs in Vista from your Command Line

Here’s a quick way to list all the programs installed on your computer using the command line interface. You can also export the list to an HTML or text file for printing. The first thing we need to do is open a command Prompt. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things […]

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Sep 6 2008

Scan Your Vista Computer for Software Vulnerabilities with Secunia PSI

The Secunia PSI is the FREE security tool that is designed with the sole purpose of helping you secure your computer from software vulnerabilities, and it works great. Software vulnerabilities affect all applications installed on your computer, from the Operating System down to your email client, office application, instant messaging, and so on. What are […]

Jan 30 2008

Remove Those Shortcut Arrows with the Vista Shortcut Manager

Here’s a great free tool for removing those darn arrows that Vista adds to all your shortcut desktop icons. The Vista Shortcut Manager From their web page:Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover, aka FxVisor, allows you to either way to remove the shortcut overlay arrow or to even customize it in Windows Vista, so we have […]


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