Sep 13 2008

How to Bulk Rename Files in Vista

When you have many files to rename it can be a pain in the butt to right click each one and choose rename, this happens mostly with your digital pictures you download from your camera. You end up with a folder of pictures all named something like IMG_0001, IMG_0002 or DSC_0001 depending on your camera, […]

Jun 21 2008

Prevent Vista From Accidentally Creating Duplicates when Copying Files

Have you ever been selecting a group of files to copy in Windows Explorer by holding down the Ctrl key then all of a sudden you find a bunch of duplicate files sitting in your folder. What happened you ask. Well this happens because you moved your mouse when you clicked on a file and […]

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Jan 29 2008

How To Keep Vista From Indexing Certain Files Or Folders

Sometimes it might be embarrassing to have certain files or folders showing up in Vista’s search results or maybe you just want to speed up the search results by excluding some files or folders. Here’s a way to keep Vista from indexing them. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen […]


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