Jun 14 2008

Assign a Drive Letter to your USB Device

With all the USB hard drives and Thumb drives now on the market I’m sure you have a few that you are connecting to your computer, and each time you connect them they may get a different drive letter depending on the order in which you connect them. Now if you are using any Automated […]

Jun 12 2008

Change the Look of your Command Prompt in Vista

If you do a lot of work in the command line wouldn’t it be nice to customize it the way you want. change the size, the color and the fonts to something more readable or colorful. Well here’s how. First lets open the Command Processor window. Click the Start Orb and type CMD in the […]

Jun 9 2008

How to Shut down Vista Using Just your Keyboard

Here’s a way to shut down your computer without using your mouse. It’s a cool little keyboard shortcut. Press the Windows key, (you know the one with the little flag) Press the right arrow key 3 times Press enter. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Jun 7 2008

Scan your Vista Computer with Microsofts Baseline Security Advisor to Check for Vulnerabilities

Microsoft’s Baseline Security Advisor is is free download from Microsoft that will scan your computer for vulnerabilities and identifying common security misconfigurations in your operating system and present you with a detailed report for what if anything it finds and how to fix it. It will also scan computers across your network. This tip is […]

May 31 2008

Disable Autorun in Vista to Protect Against Malware Infections

All recent versions of widows contain features called AutoPlay and AutoRun. AutoPlay lets you choose which program to use to start different kinds of media, such as music CDs, or CDs or DVDs containing photos. For example, the first time you try to play a music CD, AutoPlay asks which media player you want to […]

May 29 2008

How to Move an off Screen Window Back into View in Vista

This can be very frustrating when using multiple monitors or sometimes just by dragging windows around your screen, you get one to the edge of your display and then can’t seem to grab it in the right place to move it back where you want it. Then after 15 minutes of cussing you give up […]

May 24 2008

How to Improve Network Performance in Windows Vista

There have been many reports on the web about networking and Windows Vista and how slow it is when moving file between your computers, especially involving gigabit networks and also to a lesser extent 100 megabit networks. If you’re a regular reader you know we discussed some ways to improve this issue by turning off […]



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