Jan 30 2009

Get Search back to the Start Menu in Vista

Ever since Vista Service Pack 1 was installed the Search box was removed from the Start Menu.? Here’s a way to get it back. Not in the exact place but close. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Sep 5 2008

How to Hack 3D Pinball in Vista

. Here’s a quick little hack of 3D Pinball that will allow you to get the high score every time. If you don’t have 3D Pinball installed in Vista yet check out my post on how to add it. Now that you have it installed here’s what you need to do to get those really […]

Sep 3 2008

Increase the Size of Your Quick Launch Icons in Vista

The Quick launch area is a place you can add your favorite apps so there easily accsessible, By default they are displayed in a small size so here’s a quick tip to increase there size to make them easier to see. If you don’t have the Quick launch area turned on lets do that first. […]

Aug 31 2008

Keep Vista’s UAC from Blanking out your Monitor

. When the User Access Control is invoked your monitor momentarily blanks out, this used to annoy the heck out of me. Microsoft calls it “Secure Desktop” and it is a security feature in Vista that prevents virus and malware from sending a “click” message to the secure prompt dialog, which basically means they can […]

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Jun 12 2008

Change the Look of your Command Prompt in Vista

If you do a lot of work in the command line wouldn’t it be nice to customize it the way you want. change the size, the color and the fonts to something more readable or colorful. Well here’s how. First lets open the Command Processor window. Click the Start Orb and type CMD in the […]

May 24 2008

How to Improve Network Performance in Windows Vista

There have been many reports on the web about networking and Windows Vista and how slow it is when moving file between your computers, especially involving gigabit networks and also to a lesser extent 100 megabit networks. If you’re a regular reader you know we discussed some ways to improve this issue by turning off […]

May 13 2008

How to Adjust the size of your Desktop Icons in Vista

So Here’s a good scenario, someone was using your computer and when you went to use it again all your desktop icons are now real small or great big. What going on you say how do i get them back to the perfect size I like them. Or maybe you just want them bigger or […]



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