Oct 6 2007

Adjusting Vista’s Error Reporting Tool

Yesterday we looked at how to turn off Vista’s error reporting. Today we’ll look at adjusting its settings. First open up the Problem Reports and Solutions page by clicking the Start Orb and typing Problem in the Search box, then Click Problem Reports and Solutions in the results under Programs. If Vista finds any problems […]

Oct 5 2007

Turn Off Vista’s Error Reporting

  When a problem occurs on your computer?for example, if a program stops working?you can send a description of the problem to Microsoft to see if a solution is available. If Microsoft needs more information to solve the problem, you might be asked to provide additional details. Windows will ask if you want to send […]

Oct 4 2007

Restore Your Deleted Or Missing Recycle Bin Icon In Vista

Lets face it, it can happen to anyone, you deleted you Recycle Bin icon and can’t get it back. A few readers have asked, how do I get it back. Well when I first started using Vista I did it too. So here’s how to get it back.   Click the Start Orb, type Control desk.cpl,,@Web and […]

Oct 1 2007

Adjust The Text Size On Your Screen

New computers these days are coming with very high resolution monitors and the text displayed on your screen may be difficult to read but you can make the text and other items, such as icons, on your screen easier to see by making them larger. You do this by increasing the dots per inch (DPI) […]

Sep 22 2007

Running Vista’s Compatibility Mode

Most programs written for Windows XP also work in this version of Windows, but some older programs might run poorly or not at all. If an older program doesn’t run correctly, use the Program Compatibility Wizard to simulate the behavior of earlier versions of Windows. What is program compatibility? Program compatibility is a mode in […]

Sep 20 2007

Disable Vista’s Hibernation

Windows hibernation is a feature that lets you store your computers memory to the hard disk then enter a sleep state to conserve power. But it uses a lot of hard disk space in the process up to your amount of ram, if you have 2 gigs of ram your Hibernation file can grow up […]

Sep 19 2007

Shave Seconds Off Vista’s Boot Time

Vista waits for 30 seconds at startup before loading the operating system, but you can adjust that down to 5 seconds to get working faster. Here’s how. Click the Windows Start Orb. Right click Computer. Click Properties. Approve the UAC if prompted Click Advanced System settings. In the Advanced Tab, Start and Recovery, click Settings. […]



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