Dec 17 2007

Add 3D Pinball To Windows Vista

If you loved to play 3D Pinball on your XP computer you know by now that Microsoft didn’t include it in Vista for some strange reason. Well there’s good news it works just fine in Vista and it’s not hard to get it working as long as you have or know someone with a XP […]

Dec 15 2007

Pin Folders To Your Start Menu In Vista

  In Windows Vista you can Pin Programs to your Start Menu for faster access, Just right click the Program and choose Pin to Start Menu, But you can’t add folders the same way. In order to add folders you need to edit the Registry first. Here’s How: First things first. Create a System Restore […]

Dec 15 2007

Add Pictures To Your Logon Profile

Its easy to change your logon picture, just go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Change your account picture. But what if you want to add your own pictures, or get rid of some of the default ones. First you need to find where Microsoft stores them, and Here it is. just open an […]

Dec 9 2007

How To Show Your Vista Sidebar Quickly

If you use your computer like me I always have many programs and windows open at one time and my Sidebar is always hidden. Sure I know what your thinking just set it to be always be on top of other windows, and that fine if you have a large widescreen monitor, but on my […]

Dec 4 2007

Change How Your Mouse Pointer Looks

You can customize your mouse in a variety of ways, such as swapping the functions of your mouse buttons, making the mouse pointer more visible, and altering the scroll wheel speed. To access the Mouse properties Click the Start Orb and type Mouse in the search box. Click Mouse at the top of the search […]

Nov 26 2007

Disable Vista’s Autotuning To Improve Wireless Connectivity

If you are having problems with your wireless networking you maybe trying to connect to an older router or Wireless Access Point (WAP) that is not compatible with Vista’s Auto tuning feature many public hotspots also have this problem. Here’s how to disable it. Click the Start Orb an type ” Command ” into the […]

Nov 17 2007

Running The DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX Diagnostic Tool helps you troubleshoot issues with the DirectX suite of multimedia technologies that come with Windows. If you’re having trouble getting game animation or a movie to run properly, you should run DirectX Diagnostic Tool to try to find the source of the problem. To run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool 1. Click on […]



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