Jun 7 2007

How To Disable User Account Control “UAC”

What is UAC. UAC has to be one of the most hated new security features of Windows Vista. UAC stands for User Account Control.The main goal of User Account Control is to limit the exposure to attack of the operating system by requiring that all users run in standard user mode. This limitation minimizes the […]

Jun 3 2007

Uninstalling Vista From A Dual Boot Machine

Maybe you’re having problems with Vista or just want to get rid of it from your dual boot setup here’s how. Uninstalling Vista from a dual boot machine is relatively straightforward – most of the time. Nonetheless, I recommend that you back up everything before you start. Then follow these steps: 1. Put your Windows […]

Jun 2 2007

Keep Your Computer From Entering Hibernation Mode.

Don’t you hate it when you walk away from your computer for a while and when you come back it seems like it shut down and you need to hit the on button to restart it. When I first started using Vista this drove me crazy. Hibernation mode is on by default in Vista, here’s […]

Jun 2 2007

Dual Booting Windows XP and Vista, An Install Guide

Are you like me itching to try out Windows Vista but not ready to take the plunge 100%? Dual booting is an option and it?s not that hard to do, so put on your geek hat and let?s get started. Step 1 Use or buy a second hard drive, A 40 gig drive from Newegg […]



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