Sep 15 2007

Speed up Vista By Adjusting Its Visual Effects

Windows Vista sure looks pretty with all its Eye Candy turned on. But unless you have a powerful system you will notice a marked improvement in speed if you turn off some or all of the visual effects. Here’s how to adjust the Visual Settings. Click the Start Orb. Type sysdm.cpl in the search box. […]

Sep 13 2007

Create An Instant System Restore Point

Creating a System Restore Point should be quick and easy and today’s tip will show you how to create a script to do just that in only 2 clicks of your mouse. First we need to create the Visual Basic script. Step 1. Open a new text file by right clicking an empty space on […]

Sep 12 2007

Speed Up Access To Your Files And Folders

Here’s a tip to save you a few seconds of searching for frequently accessed files or folders. Open up Windows Explorer or My computer and look to the upper left side and you’ll see Favorite Links section. Now just locate a file or folder you open a lot and drag it to the Favorite Links […]

Sep 11 2007

Turn Off Vista’s File Deletion Prompts

If you still have Vista’s UAC (user account control) turned on and try to delete a file you will get 2 pop-up boxes to click thru. A delete file confirmation box and a UAC prompt.   To keep the UAC prompt but eliminate the file delete confirmation box, right click the Recycle Bin, select Properties, […]

Sep 9 2007

Ctrl+Shift+Esc, A Quicker Way To Your TaskManager In Vista

If you find yourself using Vista’s TaskManager a lot you know the old 3 finger salute,  Alt+Ctrl+Delete, In Vista it brings up a splash screen and then you can choose Start the TaskManager. but there’s a quicker way that lets you bypass the splash screen. Just use Ctrl+Shift+Esc and it will take you right there. […]

Sep 8 2007

Get An Onscreen Keyboard In Vista

Windows Vista comes with a virtual onscreen keyboard that you can use in an emergency if your regular one fails, but only if you have a shortcut to it that you can click with your mouse. This has saved my bacon once already so I thought I’d pass it along. Now I’m not saying its a […]

Sep 5 2007

Create A Shortcut To Quickly Lock Your Vista Desktop

If you are using your computer where other people have access to it whether at work or at home its a good idea to lock your desktop when you walk away from it so no one else can access your files. Here’s how to create a desktop shortcut to lock it with 1 click. Right […]



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