Dec 14 2008

How to Change or Add a User Password in Vista

When you created your user account you were asked to choose a password to use to logon to your account, you also were able to skip this step and not use a password for your account but that’s not the best idea.

The problem with not having a password for your account is that anyone that sits down in front computer has access to all your files. If you would like to add one now or change your existing one follow the steps below.

For this tip We’ll assume you know your existing password or you haven’t assigned one yet.

1. Click the Start Orb then click the picture you chose for your account.

2. Click Change your password.

3. Type in your current password if you have one, then type in your new password and then type it in one more time to confirm it. You can also add a password hint if you choose.

4. Click Change password, now the next time you sign in you will be asked for the new password.

At this time it would be a good idea to create a password reset disk in case you forget your new password.

Click the link and I’ll show you how to Create a Password Reset Disk, it will save your bacon BELIEVE ME!!


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