Oct 19 2008

Basic Windows Tips part 2

Here are a few more basic Windows tip’s

1. To take a simple screen shot of your whole desktop press the Print Scrn button, open your favorite image editor or MS Paint and use Ctrl + V to paste it in.

2. To take a screen shot of just you active window use Alt + Print Scrn.

3. To get to the file directories on your PC, simply right-click the Start button and choose “Explore”

4. To change the view of a folder’s contents in a directory, click on the View menu and, for example, choose “Details”. This allows you to sort the files by Name, Type, or Size (by clicking on the column heading).

5. To see the details of a specific file, however the cursor over it for a second or so and the details will pop up in a small box.

6. You can change the time period allowed for two mouse clicks to be recognised as a double click. Click the Start Orb and type “mouse” when Mouse appears in the search results press enter. In the Mouse properties move the slider for Double click speed. Click Ok

7. Alt + Backspace – will undo any typing you have just completed from a single letter to a paragraph and on.

8. To print only part of a web page, highlight the part you want and and press Ctrl + P and choose Selection in the print range.

9. To copy highlighted text press Ctrl + C, to paste text press Ctrl + V.

10. Hit the “Enter ” key after filling out a box such as the google search box, rather than grabbing for the mouse to click “Search”.

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    1. jim said:

      Thanks for the great tips, didnt know a few of them.

      October 19th, 2008 at 1:58 pm


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