Jun 7 2008

Scan your Vista Computer with Microsofts Baseline Security Advisor to Check for Vulnerabilities


Microsoft’s Baseline Security Advisor is is free download from Microsoft that will scan your computer for vulnerabilities and identifying common security misconfigurations in your operating system and present you with a detailed report for what if anything it finds and how to fix it. It will also scan computers across your network. This tip is very popular on my other site so I thought I’d share it here with my Vista users.

Here are a few of the areas it checks.

  • Incomplete Updates
  • Administrators accounts
  • Windows Firewall
  • Local Account Password Test
  • Automatic Updates
  • File System
  • Guest Accounts
  • Restrict Anonymous access
  • Autologon
  • Password Expiration

It’s simple to setup and run. After installing just click Scan a computer.

The next screen lets you choose which computer to scan if you have more than 1 on a network and the options you want to include. Using the default is fine.

The scan will take a few minutes then you will be presented with the results. The Red, Orange, Blue and Green shields will give you an idea of the severity of any problems.

Click on the Blue text for more info and how to fix any issues it finds.

As you can see above I have a couple issues to resolve in my accounts section.

This is a great little program to add to your arsenal to keep Windows clean and happy.

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    1. autologon said:

      If you use registry autologon Baseline Security Advisor will detect it as security breach. To make your autologon safe get Logonexpert tool http://www.logonexpert.com

      June 8th, 2008 at 11:31 pm


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