Jan 14 2008

The Most Affordable Way To Run Microsoft Software, Vista, Office and More

Vista Ultimate_ Here’s a little tip for you to check out if your tired of paying the high prices for Microsoft software and have a few computers in your house. Get a Microsoft Technet Plus subscription. The cost is $349.00 a year, or $249 to renew, with the subscription you get the right to download just about every piece of software Microsoft sells, including every version of Vista, XP, Office and every version of Server.

Check it out for yourself TechNet Plus Overview

Below is one of the great features available with a Technet Plus subscription:

Microsoft software licensed for evaluation purposes: Evaluate full-version commercial products–without time limits or feature limits, including Windows Vista™ Microsoft Office System and Exchange Server 2007. With full-version software, IT Professionals can make informed decisions about new technologies and deployments at their own pace.

I signed up in December and so far love it, You can download all the software listed and you get 10 license keys, so you can install it on all your machines, if 10 isn’t enough just ask for 10 more, easy as that.

Now I know they say for its for evaluation purposes but they are full versions with no time limits, and if you don’t renew your subscription at the end of the year the software still will work, and you are evaluating right.

I also found a $100.00 off coupon from Kevin Remde. use the code TMSAM08 when you sigh up. Sorry the code is only good for US residents, and I’m not sure when it expires so act soon.

So here’s a wrap up
Microsoft Technet Plus subscription $249.00

Vista Ultimate Amazon Price $329.99 us
Office 2007 Ultimate Amazon Price $507.49 us
Total $837.48 us

You save $588.48 and that savings is for only 1 computer and 2 pieces of software. Imagine if you have 4 or 5 you want to upgrade.

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    1. Albert said:

      I’m surprised tips like this don’t seem to get out as “hot news.” Good tip.

      January 14th, 2008 at 11:01 pm
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