Dec 8 2007

Change The Look Of The Command Window

9 If you do a lot of work with the command line wouldn’t it be nice to customize it the way you want. change the size, the color and the fonts with ease.

First lets open the Command Processor window.

  1. Click the Start Orb and type CMD in the search box.


  2. Right click Command prompt under Programs and choose Run as administrator.


  3. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.


  4. Now that the Command Processor window is open right click the title bar. To change the settings for all command prompt windows, click Defaults. To change the settings for the current command prompt window only, click Properties.


  5. Click the Options tab. Here you can adjust the cursor size, Display and edit options along with the Command history.


  6. The Font Tab.
    If you click a TrueType font, the Size menu displays a list of point sizes to choose from, or you can enter a size by typing the number in the Size box. To use bold with TrueType fonts, select the Bold Fonts check box.
    If you click Raster Fonts, the sizes that are listed in the Size box are the window size choices.
    The Window Preview box displays how the current window’s size will change based on the font and font size you selected.
    The Selected Font box shows how characters will appear with the specified font settings. Bold is not available with Raster fonts.
  7. Click the Layout tab.
    Under Screen Buffer Size, specify settings for the width and height of the screen, based on the number of characters that are entered in the buffer.
    Under Window Size, specify settings for the width and height of the window.
    Under Window Position, specify settings for the initial left and top position of the window.(NOTE: you can resize the window up to the maximum size listed on the Layout tab. It is a good idea to select a size from one-fourth to no more than half the desktop size for reading and usability.)


  8. Click the Colors tab. choose colors for the screen text, screen background, pop-up text, or pop-up background by clicking the element you want to change.
    Click the color you want. The Selected Screen Colors box shows how the text and background colors you selected will appear on the screen. The Selected Popup Colors box shows how the text and background colors you selected will appear in a pop-up window.


  9. Click Ok and restart the Command Processor window and see your masterpiece.


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