Dec 30 2007

Setup Vista To Email You Problems It Encounters

Instead of manually checking the Event viewer to see if Vista encountered any problems, how about setting it up to Email you them instead. There are many different events you can choose to monitor but I only setup the Security section. (Be careful what you setup you don’t want to spam yourself.) Please visit our […]

Dec 29 2007

Keep Vista From Asking For A Password After Resuming From Sleep Mode

If you use Vista’s sleep mode you know that when you wake from sleep mode you are prompted for your password, If you aren’t too concerned about someone else accessing your computer you can disable this feature. Here’s how. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Dec 26 2007

Add Take Ownership Of Files To Vista’s Right Click Menu

If you upgraded your computer to Vista or you are moving files to your Vista computer you may need to Take Ownership of those files. Update 12-27-07 From what I can tell this tip only applies to Vista Home Premium. I haven’t been able to get it to work in Ultimate yet. Here’s a simple […]

Dec 24 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. Kevin. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Dec 23 2007

Quickly Disable Or Enable Vista’s Aero Effect

Whether your video card isn’t quite up to the task to run Vista’s Aero interface or if you want the maximum power and resources available for gaming, video encoding or any highly demanding task, Here’s a way to quickly Disable and Enable Aero. To Disable: Right click on an empty area on your desktop. Select […]

Dec 22 2007

Another Quick Way To Shutdown Vista

Here’s another quick way to Switch Users, Log-off, Restart, Sleep or Shut down Vista. From your desktop press Alt-F4 and the Shutdown dialog box will popup, then user the drop down to choose your action. Bonus: To lock your computer Press the Windows key + L Copyright ? All Rights Reserved. Please visit our […]

Dec 21 2007

Entering Vista’s Task Manager

Task Manager shows you the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s performance or to close a program that is not responding. If you are connected to a network, you can also use Task Manager to view network status and see how […]



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