Oct 31 2007

Happy Halloween

Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Oct 30 2007

Run Disk Cleanup To Free Up Hard Drive Space In Vista

If you want to reduce the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space and help your computer run faster, use Disk Cleanup. It removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety of system files and other items that you no longer need. 1. Click the Start […]

Oct 28 2007

Use Vista’s Magnifier To Help You See Things Better

This Tip is useful for the many people out there that have difficulty seeing small objects on the screen. To access the Magnifier Click the Start Orb and start typing Magnifier in the search box. Click Magnifier under Programs. Explore the Magnifier menu and you can adjust many of its settings. Please visit our new […]

Oct 27 2007

Speed Up Vista’s Start Menu Search

Vista’s new Search box in the start menu is great way to find programs and files fast, but if you have a slower computer you may want to limit what gets searched to just your Programs, Control panel, Start menu items and Files, if your still getting a performance hit you may need to turn […]

Oct 26 2007

Change IE 7 Default Downloads Settings To Allow More Simultaneous Downloads

By default IE7 will only allow you to download 2 files at a time. To change that setting you have to edit the Registry. (Note: always backup the Registry first by creating a restore point) Click on the Start Orb and type Regedit in the Search Bar. Click Regedit at the top of the search […]

Oct 24 2007

Hack Your Windows Vista Experience Index Score And Really Showoff

Are you tired of of having a low Windows Experience Index Score and don’t want to spend a ton of money to upgrade to a blazing fast rig, well here’s a down-n-dirty hack to make that score whatever you want. Now the base scores currently range from 1 to 5.9. so to keep it believable […]

Oct 20 2007

Remote Differential Compression And Your Vista Network Part 2

This week I had the opportunity to install Vista SP1 on my computer so I decided to revisit my Remote Differential Compression test. You can Read Part 1 Here. Microsoft has said SP1 will speed up file transfers so I retested with the same file and as you can see it made a marked improvement […]



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