Sep 3 2007

Use 1 Click To Shutdown Restart or Logoff Vista

We could all use some more time in our lives, so here’s a way to shave a few seconds every time we need to Shutdown, Reboot or Logoff your computer. Lets create 3 desktop icons to Shutdown, Restart or Logoff your computer with 1 click.

This tip was very popular on my other Blog at so I updated it for Vista and add it here.

Right Click a open area of your Desktop and choose New > Shortcut.


The Create a Shortcut Wizard will appear. Type “shutdown -s -t 00” without the quotes in the location box. This will create the Shutdown Icon. Click next


Use the name offered Shutdown.exe Click finish.


Now you have your Shutdown Icon on your desktop.

To create an icon for Restart Type follow the same instructions but type “shutdown -r -t 00” in the Create shortcut wizard and then name the icon Restart.

To create an icon for Logoff Type follow the same instructions but type “shutdown -l -t 00” in the Create shortcut wizard and then name the icon Logoff.


Now we need to change those default icons to something snazzier.

Right click the Shutdown Icon and choose Properties. Then click Change Icon.


Now you can choose what ever icon you like, then click Ok.


Now do the same for the other 2 icons and your all set.


Here are the codes one more time.

shutdown -s -t 00 (for shutdown)
shutdown -r -t 00 (for restart)
shutdown -l -t 00 (for logoff)

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    1. Create Icons To Shutdown,Logoff Or Reboot Your Computer With 1 Click | Kevins wrote:

      […] To add the same icons in Windows Vista visit my other blog at VistaRevisited. […]

      August 11th, 2008 at 6:32 pm
    1. Doug said:

      Nice shortcuts….

      THANKS !

      February 1st, 2009 at 8:48 pm
    2. Kevin said:

      @ Doug, Thanks for visiting.

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