Aug 9 2007

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts




Ok, here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts for you Firefox users. If I missed any please leave a comment.

/                                  Quick find text as you type
Alt Enter                    Save link target as
Alt F4                        Close  window
Alt Home key            Goto browsers home page
Alt Left arrow            Go back
Alt Right arrow         Go forward
Ctrl –                          Decrease screen font size
Ctrl  0                        Restore screen font to default
Ctrl +                         Increase screen font size
Ctrl 1 to 9                 Select a tab by number 1 to 9
Ctrl B                        Opens Bookmarks
Ctrl C                        Copies highlighted text
Ctrl D                        Add to bookmarks
Ctrl Down arrow      Selects next search engine in the search bar
Ctrl F                         Find text on a page

More after the break

Ctrl F5                       Clear the page cache and reload the page
Ctrl G                        Find Text again
Ctrl H                        Opens the history pane
Ctrl J                         Opens downloads dialog box
Ctrl K                        Highlights web search bar
Ctrl L                         Highlights address bar
Ctrl Link Click          Opens link in a new tab
Ctrl M                        Opens new message in Mail
Ctrl N                        Opens new browser session
Ctrl O                        Open file dialog box
Ctrl P                        Opens print dialog box
Ctrl P                         Print
Ctrl R                         Reloads the page
Ctrl S                         Saves the page
Ctrl Shift Del             Clears your private data
Ctrl Shift I                  Dom inspector
Ctrl Shift Tab            Goto previous tab
Ctrl Shift W               Close the window
Ctrl T                         Opens a new tab
Ctrl Tab                     Goto next tab
Ctrl U                         View page source code
Ctrl Up arrow            Selects previous search engine in the search bar
Ctrl V                         Paste
Ctrl W                        Close a tab
Ctrl X                         Cut
Ctrl Z                         Undo
End                           Go to bottom of page
Enter                         Adds .com to address bar
Esc                            Stop
F1                              Help
F3                              Find Text on a page
F5                              Reload page
F7                              Caret browser. Will put a cursor on the page. To be moved by the arrow keys
F11                            Turn on full screen view
Home                         Go to top of page
PgUp / Pg Down      Moves a pager up or down
Shift Enter                Adds .net to address bar
Shift F3                     Find previouse text

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