Jul 8 2007

Use a Checkbox to Select Multiple files in Windows Explorer

I routinely copy or move multiple files around all my networked computers and hard drives. The old way was to hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) and select the files you want by clicking them in series.

Well I found a easer way to do the same thing. Instead of having to hold the control-key down to make multiple selections, make this change and whenever you roll your mouse over a file, you will see an unchecked checkbox next to it. Click that checkbox and it becomes one of your selections. We just need to make a few changes to Explorer.


To make this happen, Open up Windows Explorer, hit the ALT key to bring up the menu. Now click Tools – Folder Options


to bring up the Folder Options dialog box. Click the View tab and, in the Advanced Settings section scroll down until you see “Use check boxes to select items”. Click the checkbox next to this and hit OK.


Now go back to Windows Explorer and start rolling your mouse over some files. You should now see empty checkboxes appear and disappear as your mouse rolls by, just put a check in the files you want to include.


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    1. flipdoubt said:

      Strangely, selecting multiple items with Aero enabled does not seem to work. As you select/check each subsequent item, the previous item is unselected/unchecked. I have heard accounts describing this as a known bug. You can find one account at http://www.winforumz.com/vista/Explorer-multiple-select-working-Vista-ftopict13845.html.

      July 11th, 2007 at 8:31 am


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