Jul 31 2007

Help Vista Remember How To Size Your Windows

Sometimes Vista forgets how you want to size and position your open windows just like XP did, and just like XP you need to remind it by setting the window how you like it then hold down the CTRL key as you close the window. The next time you open it it should be correct. […]

Jul 29 2007

Changing The Control Panels Look

Here’s a way to change the look and feel of your control Panel applet. Open the Control Panel. Start > Control Panel > Click > Classic View   Look at the column headings at the top. Single-click Category to sort, Click the triangle beside Category; and choose Group. Now you have one screen with every […]

Jul 28 2007

A Quick List Of All My Posts So Far

Ok, I’m having a brain fart today and can’t think of anything to else to post. So here’s a list of everything I posted so far. ? Category: HowTo’s Get Rid Of The Security Center Icon Nag Use The Classic Way To Shut Down Vista Change What Happens When you Click The Shutdown Button Using […]

Jul 28 2007

New Top 10 Posts Feature Added

I added a new feature for the site today. Top 10 Posts This Week You can find it in the top left Sidebar, and it display’s the 10 most viewed posts this week. Hope everybody likes it. You can also Rate my posts by clicking the Stars under the post title. Please visit our new […]

Jul 26 2007

Get Rid Of The Security Center Icon Nag

If your getting tired of seeing the Security Center icon and your sure your settings are correct you can change the way it alerts you or disable all together (not recommended) But its your choice. Here’s how. Open  the Control Panel and click “Check this computers security settings.                     […]

Jul 25 2007

Use The Classic Way To Shut Down Vista

Do you miss the classic shutdown dialog box of windows XP or just want a quick way to Switch User, Log off, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down. From your desktop press “ALT+F4” Then click the drop down box. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Jul 23 2007

Easily Rename Multiple Files Using The TAB Key

If you need to rename a bunch of files in a folder, Vista makes it easier. By default the file extension is preserved so all you need to do is change the name, also instead of hitting Enter after changing the name press the “TAB” key to highlight the next file and you’ll begin renaming […]



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