Jun 30 2007

Changing the Registered Owner in Vista

people-4.pngLike all versions of Windows it stores the name and organization of the registered owner, and unless you installed Vista your name and organization is most likely wrong. In the steps below we?ll show you how to view and change the registered owner.

To view the registered owner and organization names for your computer. Click Start, typing winver, and pressing Enter. Is your correct name and organization showing up?

Use the following steps to change the registered owner.
As always before editing the registry make a System Restore point

1. Click Start, type regedit in the search box, and press Enter.

2. Click Continue if User Account Control pops up.

3. in the left pane, navigate down to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion

4. In the right pane, double-click on RegisteredOwner.

5. In the Value Data box, type whatever name you want to appear as the registered owner, then click OK.

6. Double-click RegisteredOrganization, and type the new organization in the Value Data box.




















7. Click OK.

8. Exit the Registry Editor, then run winver again to see if the correct name shows up.

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