Jun 21 2007

Add tags to your Pictures in Vista

camera-photo.pngOne of the cool new features in Vista is the ability to add tags to your pictures. Tags are description you can add to pictures to make them easier to organize and search. If you’re like me I have thousands of pictures of my kids, vacations, and family members and life in general if you had all your pictures tagged you could just search for specific events or people and not have to worry about putting them in specially named folders like we used to.

To add tags to your pictures open the folder containing the photos. Windows Photo Gallery will display your photo.


In the right pane you can add stars from 1 to 5 them below that you can add your tags, what ever you want. Then below that you can add a caption.

To add even more metadata to your pictures right click the picture and choose properties then details. This will tell you everything about your picture and you can add info to just hover your mouse to the right of the description and a box will appear then just type in what you want.

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