Jun 3 2007

Uninstalling Vista From A Dual Boot Machine

lightbulbpng1.pngMaybe you’re having problems with Vista or just want to get rid of it from your dual boot setup here’s how. Uninstalling Vista from a dual boot machine is relatively straightforward – most of the time. Nonetheless, I recommend that you back up everything before you start. Then follow these steps:

1. Put your Windows XP installation CD in the CD-ROM drive and reboot the computer (be sure the BIOS is set to boot from CD).

2. Start the Recovery Console from the CD.

3. Run Fixboot from the Recovery Console.

4. Run Fixmbr to reset the master boot record.

5. Exit the Recovery Console and reboot the computer.

6. Edit the boot.ini file to remove the Vista entry.

7. Format the partition on which Vista was installed.

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