Jun 30 2007

Changing the Registered Owner in Vista

Like all versions of Windows it stores the name and organization of the registered owner, and unless you installed Vista your name and organization is most likely wrong. In the steps below we?ll show you how to view and change the registered owner. To view the registered owner and organization names for your computer. Click […]

Jun 28 2007

Disable Vista’s Balloon Tips

Are you getting tired of Vista?s balloon tips popping up all the time. They can be informative and they can be turned off if you like, here?s how.   For Vista Business and Ultimate: Click Start then type ?gpedit.msc? in the search box and press enter to launch the Group Policy Editor. Under Administrative Templates, […]

Jun 26 2007

Adding Additional Clocks To Your System Tray

A new feature in Vista is the ability to add 2 more clocks to the system tray area and view the calendar. It?s a great feature for travelers or people who need to communicate with others in different time zones, now you’ll be able to tell if you?re going to wake up someone when you […]

Jun 24 2007

Changing Vista’s Appearance Settings

Are you tired of the default look of Vista’s colors and appearance, well lets dive in and make some changes. Right click an empty area on your desktop and choose Personalize. Click Windows Color and Appearance. Please visit our new site at The3List Why Do Bad Things Happen In 3″s.

Jun 23 2007

Using Flip 3D

If you’re a long time windows user you know the usefulness of Alt-Tab to switch between open applications. Vista users get an upgrade when using the Aero interface called Flip 3D. Press the Windows key+Tab to scroll thru a revolving set of windows so you can see what you’re switching to, let go of the […]

Jun 22 2007

Help Save Net Radio

If you’re like me and listen to net radio or music streamed over the net please read the post below if we all act on June 26 and call our Representatives maybe we can continue to enjoy free music on the web. The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters […]

Jun 21 2007

Add tags to your Pictures in Vista

One of the cool new features in Vista is the ability to add tags to your pictures. Tags are description you can add to pictures to make them easier to organize and search. If you’re like me I have thousands of pictures of my kids, vacations, and family members and life in general if you […]



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